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6th November 2014

Paf FBL Add-Ons

Feel free to check out the unofficial league add-ons website hosted by Paf.


3rd May 2014

Floorball league released in Desura!

Floorball League Windows game
Greatest floorball game ever made! Now featuring authentic national floorball teams, provided by: - The International Floorball Federation - Finnish Salibandyliiga. Different modes to play include: - Friendly match - Tournament - League - Shootout Floorball...

1st May 2014

Floorball League DVD's sold out!

20th March 2013

FBL now launching in Indonesia!

Game Studios is happy to announce that Floorball Indonesia School Sport Society is now launching the Floorball League PC game in Indonesia.

"In Indonesia we have around 120 schools and 4000 students who have played floorball 5 years already which have been developed and coached by
Floorball Indonesia school sport society, and we have around 10 millions online gamers who actively are playing the variety games online.
We are targeting that audience with this Floorball League game launch. With these two types of youth communities, we can combine the youth,
creative and innovative community. Our target is also to develop more the awareness of floorball in indonesia and connect the local Indonesian with the
global community through online floorball championship game", said Andreas Tedjasukmana, Managing Director of Floorball Indonesia school sport society.

Contact information: Andreas Tedjasukmana, atedjasuk@cbn.net.id

2nd January 2013

Floorball League now in SALE!

Get your own Floorball League PC DVD NOW only for 9,90 EUR

Shipping to europe is free, other countries will add +5 EUR extra to the price.

Just pay your game through PayPal service to our Paypal account and your game will be delivered to your home address
after the payment has been received.

In case you don't want your game delivered to address specified in Paypal, send us an email including
name and delivery address.

Happy new year 2013!

- Game Studios

19th December 2011

FBL update 1.03 & Editor v0.11

We're proud to announce that Floorball League 1.03 update and Floorball League Editor are finally finished.

Floorball League Editor v0.1 is available as a stand-alone application which enables you to create your own players, own teams and own leagues.
Start creating your own dream team after you've downloaded and installed the FBL League Editor.

PS. Download examples of the textures which you can use as a starting point for your own jerseys, logos etc.

Note that you need to update to v1.03, older versions do not support custom leagues!

Update 20.12.2011: Goalie editing bug fixed from the editor. v0.11 now available.

16th July 2011

Special summer offer!

Floorball League DVD is now available in our store for 19,90eur. Get yours now!

05/04/2011 Floorball League update 1.02
24/11/2010 Floorball League Demo out now!
17/11/2010 Official release date changed
08/11/2010 Countdown to launch has begun!
12/10/2010 Meet us in Lätkä & Säbä Expo!
20/09/2010 Meet us in Games People Play event!
31/07/2010 Gameplay demo is out!
03/05/2010 Nordic Game Program to support FBL development

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